McCulloch Training Stables

CK Equine is pleased to partner with McCulloch Training Stables to provide all necessary show string tack.  The entire product line has been chosen by your training program to ensure consistency at horse shows and in the barn.  Because color options have been chosen by the training program, we are not able to offer color variations.
Ready to get started?  Here is the shopping list for you and your horse.
 Standard Tack for all horses:
  • Medium Weight Blanket
  • Medium Weight Neck Cover
  • Sheet
  • Waterproof Show Cooler
  • Sleezy
  • Stall Bag
  • Groom Tote
  • Garment Bag
  • Chap Bag
  • Boot Bag (Western & English)
  • Tail Extension Bag
  • Saddle Carrier (Western & English)
  • Bridle Bag
  • Oversized Pad Bag
  • Lead Rope
  • Leather Halter
  • Please note: When ordering some products you may have color options.  If an option is selected outside of your trainers selection we will adjust your order to your barns standard and contact you.
    All items are personalized as specified under product description.  Embroidery is included in the cost of each item.
    Shipping & Delivery
    Our products are ordered and embroidered on demand.  Most have a 4-6 week lead time for delivery.  Availability of some items will vary throughout the year.  Should you order items that are currently unavailable we will contact you to discuss options.  All items will be delivered to your trainer.  A $2 per item delivery surcharge is included in the price of each item.
    About McCulloch Training Stables
    To learn more about McCulloch Training Stables and their training program, please visit them online by clicking HERE.
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